Encouraging Innovation Everyday
Within the Defi Space

Anakin#7833 (Founder)

I have chosen to remain anonymous for the near future. I've been in the crypto space for 2 years. I started investing Ethereum but moved to Harmony. I'm also the core developer for FundsFi.

shawnnツ#9414 (Co Founder)

I’m Shawn and I’ve been in the crypto space for about 2 years now. I’ve played p2e games for the last year mostly on BSC and Avalanche. I’m well-versed in Ethereum, Moonriver, BSC, Avalanche, and Harmony. I’ve had a number of successes and fails with p2e games and believe that my experiences will help guide FundsFi to successful projects and a successful future.

Alfa (Core Developer)

I started out as pure Blockchain developer and then got into Solidity. I have a passion for building product on web3 which can makes blockchain a daily used product for commoners. I have about a year and half of experience. Where I first started out with Hackathons, winning many of those for my decentralised projects. I am also the lead solidity dev for IMX PUNKS .

Anyx (Core Developer)

I am a solidity developer and tester. I have experience of building P2E games on EVM compatible chains. I have decent amount of experience in solidity and blockchain. I am a developer at Nature DAO and also work as a tester for Harmony Universe

Ace011 (Core Developer)

I started out as pure Game Dev and then got into Solidity/Web3. I have a passion for building games and extended reality experiences. I have about an year of experience. Where I first started out with Hackathons and Bounties, winning many of those for my Game fi and NFT projects. I am also the lead solidity dev for Chibi Cats Cafe and Atlantys.

VoidOp (Core Developer)

More Details Coming Soon.

What we do

FundsFi is on a mission to encourage innovation within the Defi Space across multiple networks.

Staking Pools

In the future after the presale of $FUNDS there will be staking pools that you can stake our partnered projects tokens to earn $FUNDS at a high APY.

FundsFi DEX

After the presale we will launch a dex where you will be able to swap any token with LP provided and potentially have no transactions fees for swapping to $FUNDS or one of our partnered projects tokens.

FundsFi NFT's

Sometime during the presale we will be launching FundsFi NFT's the theme is "Innovation Blueprint" you will be able to stake them and earn rewards. FundsFi NFT's will take FundsFi to the next level. Launching very soon...


One of the many benefits of partnering with FundsFi is jobs/freelancing oppurtinities to partnered projects communities.We pay teams for doing certain tasks that help grow our and other partnered projects. Partnered projects with FundsFi will have access to FundsFi Community Teams and we will provde your project with massive traction.


We plan to give massive long term continuous grants for partnered projects with FundsFi to encourage innovation and growth within Harmony.

Comphrensive Analysis

Why would a project want our comphrensive Analysis when they could it do themselves on their own project? It is because our project analysis/reviews will include voice of the community and really breaking down the project all in one place. Also, it will further improve your project.

Get in touch

Have any questions about the project? Would like an AMA with FundsFi? Send over any questions you have!.